At ReefParadise we take great pride in the quality of our livestock. All of our fish and coral are treated for a minimum of 7 days before selling. 

Upon arrival, the fish are acclimated into our phase 1 quarantine tank where they are in a therapeutic bath to help them recover from ammonia burn and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. After settling in, the fish are given a medicated bath to treat the following parasites.  Marine Velvet Disease (Amyloodinium), Brooklynella, Uronema, Flukes (Monogeneans), Black Ich (Turbellarians). After this, the fish get spread into our phase 2 tanks. From here the fish stay in a full therapeutic level of copper and are treated for internal parasites. Between days 5-6, the fish are given their final medicated bath and are given at least 1 day to settle down before being moved into our display tanks for sale.


Upon arrival, all corals are given a 5-minute dip using Fauna Marin "the dip". Corals are then scrubbed for algae and sponge on their bases and inspected for any larger pests such as crabs. They are put into our 450-gallon quarantine system for corals which is separated from our main system. After a day or two of settling in, we give all corals a 12-hour antibiotic bath. This helps kill off any unwanted bacteria that can come in on corals from the ocean. We keep all corals in this system for 1-week minimum before transferring them into our farm or sale tanks. Before being moved the corals are given one more 5-minute dip and are given a final inspection before entering our farm or sale tanks.